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  1. Paper accepted at ACL 2016

    By nlp

    A nice collaboration with our friends and colleagues from University of Haifa got accepted at ACL 2016.

    • Ella Rabinovich, Sergiu Nisioi, Noam Ordan and Shuly Wintner:, On the Similarities Between Native, Non-native and Translated Texts

    Abstract: We present a computational analysis of three varieties of language: native, advanced non-native, and …

  2. Papers accepted at LREC 2016

    By nlp

    We have four papers accepted at LREC this year:

    • Alina Maria Ciobanu and Liviu P. Dinu, A Computational Perspective on the Romanian Dialects, pdf

    • Octavia-Maria Şulea, Sergiu Nisioi and Liviu P. Dinu, Using Word Embeddings to Translate Named Entities, pdf

    • Sergiu Nisioi, Comparing Speech and Text Classification on ICNALE, pdf …