The Center of Computational Linguistics is a multi-disciplinary research area that addresses the automatic processing of human language for a range of tasks. We are a high-level research center inside the University of Bucharest, with our members having gained experience (as graduates, PhD, master students, or full employees) from the Faculty of Letters, the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

We have a long and robust tradition in Computational Linguistics, the current members of the Center being former students of the main Romanian researchers in NLP (in fact, students of the initiators of Computational Linguistics in Romania): Solomon Marcus (member of the Romanian Academy), Emanuel Vasiliu, Alexandra Cornilescu.

We have results and we are currently interested but not limited to the following fields: natural languages similarity, lexical similarity, languages intelligibility, readability, phono-morpho-syntactic analysis of natural languages, formal and distributional semantics, (automatic) cognates identification, authorship identification and pastiche detection, temporality detection, string similarities, aggregation and categorization multi-criteria methods, anaphora resolution, corpus analysis, social networks analysis. Both formal and quantitative approaches (including machine learning) are used in our investigations.

We are interested in developing national and international projects, with theoretical and practical impact and in sharing common expertise and resources.