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  1. Paper accepted at ACL 2016

    Jo 02 iunie 2016
    By nlp

    A nice collaboration with our friends and colleagues from University of Haifa got accepted at ACL 2016.

    • Ella Rabinovich, Sergiu Nisioi, Noam Ordan and Shuly Wintner:, On the Similarities Between Native, Non-native and Translated Texts

    Abstract: We present a computational analysis of three varieties of language: native, advanced non-native, and ...

  2. Papers accepted at LREC 2016

    Ma 22 martie 2016
    By nlp

    We have four papers accepted at LREC this year:

    • Alina Maria Ciobanu and Liviu P. Dinu, A Computational Perspective on the Romanian Dialects, pdf

    • Octavia-Maria Şulea, Sergiu Nisioi and Liviu P. Dinu, Using Word Embeddings to Translate Named Entities, pdf

    • Sergiu Nisioi, Comparing Speech and Text Classification on ICNALE, pdf ...

  3. Four papers accepted at EACL 2014 and collocated workshops

    Sb 01 martie 2014
    By nlp

    The following papers will be presented at EACL 2014:

    • Efficient Online Summarization of Microblogging Streams, by Andrei Olariu

    • Predicting Romanian Stress Assignment, by Alina Maria Ciobanu, Anca Dinu and Liviu P. Dinu

    • Temporal Text Ranking and Automatic Dating of Texts, by Vlad Niculae, Marcos Zampieri, Liviu P. Dinu and Alina ...